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MILCHO: Hardcore Silk

 Cover and Feature
by Diego Valiente

Milcho is one of the greatest emerging music video and reality series director, you can say she is a celebrity herself. I personally have not met this beautiful star but I have friends who have and they only speak highly and full of admiration about the MTV Queen!
Getting an interview, even via email wasn't easy, this "Milcho" is busy and sweet; I enjoyed all of our cyber communication while putting together her cover feature. Milcho is hardcore silk and it's a pleasure to watch her work because if you look closely you might open a window in her brain and see the wonderland of Milcho.

(Her back says "Creatividad")

When and why you decided to shoot video?

For my high School graduation my mother gave me a big box as a present… when I opened it and saw it was a video camera I thought “WHAT THE HELL AM I GONNA DO WITH THIS & WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?” rolled my eyes back very disappointed and never let go of it since then. Circa 1991.

Would you like to be an on camera talent?

I have been. In 2004 I was one of the On-Camera Talents on a show for the Travel Channel called “Get Packing”. I was a silly Shopping Coach who helped contestants win a date & a trip. It was great; I got to make fun of myself for a year on National Television. Priceless. I’ve done a few other things but if I tell you I’d have to kill you.

Why reveal to the world your “trichotillomania”…? Was it to help other people or a self liberation?

I’ve never been in the closet with Trich… Everyone has always known I pulled my hair (I did it for 28 years HELLOOO) and everyone was accustomed of walking away with some of it in their clothes. Plus the trail of pulled hair that followed me was the perfect way to find me. My GPS… Great Pulling System. I shared my story to the world to help a reporter friend of mine pay her rent who needed a story for the New Times. What are friends for? It was presented as a little story and they picked it up as feature story… pretty surprised. Was it liberating? No, I was always very open about it and always spoke openly about picking and pulling. If I became an inspiration for many others with my condition was by default, I made a switch years ago that if I’m going to do this, no one will make fun of me more than myself… I have more interesting things about me than my trich and it’s not going to keep me home in a trance. I would dress my trich everyday in beautiful colors take it to work with me, to play with me, on hot dates and the beach to give it a golden tan... Not paralyze me as it did for years. Hanging with Trich!!

How do you manage to be one of the top directors in this economy?

WHAT?? I’m one of the Top Directors?? OMG, STATUS UPDATE!

Your music videos are far from the conventional pop video…do you choose your artists or they choose you?

Well, it goes a little bit of both ways. They choose me and then I choose them back. It’s very simple and sweet… I put them thru a psychological evaluation where they are interrogated with a big spot light operated by a two headed amphibian while me and my creative team measure and weigh the amount of Excitement, Fear, Adrenaline, Confusion, Curiosity and water retention protruding out of their bodies. It everything is at 100%…. GAME ON, WE’RE SHOOTING A VIDEO! Am a video artist… y si no te gusta Reencuadra. (As the tattoo in my arm says)

Your music videos have lots of animals in them, why?

Animals are always a challenge and visually the give the frame movement. I have 7 animals at home myself, all which at some point have been on camera.
I think animals if used properly are magical… I love magic, surrealism… plus overcoming the fear of working with some of them is always an experience… next stop… Cucarachas!

Why did you shave your head?

I didn’t shave my head… A devilish beautiful drag queen (Barbarella) shaved my head while I sat on an Electric Chair and gorgeous big white rats walked all over me. My latest video art… (Don’t tell my mom she thinks I went to supercuts)

What do you think other music videos or shows are lacking?

Depends on the Market… but the first word that comes to mind is… BALLS, the Second COJONES and the Third… don’t think you can publish that word.

When do you have time to rest, to love, to eat? And when you do what are your favorite things to do?

Time to rest… on airplanes and when I’m working on the road with MTV.
Time to Love… I love all day, all the time, I’m loving you right now, don’t you feel it?
Time to Eat… Eating is boring.
My favorite things to do besides shoot and direct? I love going to the Dentist!

What would be your ideal work project?

Mmmm… I would love to be a Taxi driver… I’d pimp out my cab with a disco ball, a Live Fish Steering Wheel, A cocktail waiter spitting fire, a Swing with a mermaid collecting the cashola, a Marching band on the Roof and Marshmallow seats… wait…what was the question again?

Enjoy Milcho's Music Video (Pobre pero contento by AliCastro)

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